It's been awhile

09.02.2017 kl.19:51
Skrevet av only4awhile
Hey. So, lately I have not had the time nor patience to sit down and actually write something. Also, the reason I'm not writing in Norwegian is because in the future, other peo...

Ahh, there it is.

11.01.2017 kl.00:57
Skrevet av only4awhile
Hey ya. So, if you've read my previous post..I did not find any power outlets in my appartment..BUT! at last, I have found two. They were hidden underneath a table, so it was ... where is the power outlet?

09.01.2017 kl.01:11
Skrevet av only4awhile
Alright. The flight to Ireland has been surprisingly quick. When we first arrived, Margaret, one of our contact persons, greeted us at the Airport and we quickly took a Ta...